Project Management Services

JFA has provided Project Management Services for a variety of government and commercial customers including TerraPower, the Idaho National Laboratory, and the Idaho Cleanup Project. Our staff includes certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) that have extensive experience in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing out projects.

At the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), JFA has provided project management services to Battelle Energy Alliance.

Strategic Planning for the Versatile Fast Test Reactor

For the INL’s Versatile Test Reactor (VTR) program – investigate establishment of a new fast spectrum neutron irradiation capability. The focus of the effort is to develop a VTR concept adequately to support generation of a high-confidence cost estimate and schedule that would inform a DOE decision on whether to proceed with final design and construction. JFA provided project management support for preparing critical decision (CD) -0 documentation for the versatile test reactor. The documentation included a mission need, rough order-of-magnitude cost estimate, and high-level schedule. We provided technical support for VTR cost estimating efforts for CD-0 to CD-1, final design of the VTR, construction of the VTR, review for readiness to start up, initial startup, long-term operations, and decontamination and demolition of the facility following completion of the mission.

Procedure Development for TREAT Restart and Experiment Operations

For the restart of the TREAT reactor, JFA wrote the required test procedures to support testing of the replacement Automatic Reactor Controls System (ARCS) software and hardware on a full development system and in the TREAT plant installation. We provided technical support for he system testing, temporary functional testing, and for final installation and start-up testing at the TREAT facility. JFA completed the deliverables on time and within budget and was instrumental in the INL successfully restarting TREAT after an extended shutdown. Additionally, JFA developed the new Experiment Operating Procedures for receiving an experiment into TREAT and for experiment interfaces. We revised the existing cask handling procedures and assisted with the experiment Management Self Assessment preparation.

At the Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP), JFA has provided project management services to Fluor-Idaho. 

Project Controls for the Idaho Cleanup Project

JFA has provided project controls services for the Integrated Waste Treatment Unit at the Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP). JFA staff prepared logic driven schedules through interaction with team managers, engineering, operations and maintenance to develop appropriate level of detail for schedule activity definition to support planning, integration, execution, monitoring and reporting needs. Additionally, we accumulated, evaluated and documented historical data for future development of project plans and schedules. We also provided strategic planning input for hard to achieve project milestones and were instrumental in IWTU reaching startup and outage goals.

Construction Management for the Idaho Cleanup Project

At the IWTU, JFA provided construction management services. JFA staff provided coordination of assigned field work including construction, mockup and craft oversight and supervision; for subcontracted work, served as the assigned subcontract technical representative; ensured field work activities were performed in accordance with the written work plan, and implementation of Environmental, Safety and Health requirements; Performed daily Pre-job Briefings ensuring that hazards were identified and mitigated. JFA had responsibility and authority for the successful completion of the construction scope in accordance with company and customer requirements. JFA staff were responsible for implementation of work controls, and for reporting daily and weekly status to management.  Finally, JFA was provided daily direction to diverse work groups that included union craft.

TerraPower is developing both a Traveling Wave Reactor (TWR), and a Molten Chloride Fast Reactor (MCFR). JFA provided project management services to TerraPower for their TWR project.

Project Management for TerraPower’s TWR Project

JFA staff were responsible for overseeing 7 projects that the Idaho Natitonal Laboratory was performing in collaboration with TerraPower. The projects included fuel development, fuel fabrication, irradiations, post-irradiation examinations, and seismic analysis. JFA’s project management staff provided oversight for all of the INL projects with TerraPower. We analyzed INL’s earned value management data to make recommendations to TerraPower’s senior management staff. JFA conducted quarterly project reviews to provide stakeholders with indicators of schedule and budget performance.  Our project management staff provided input and oversight for annual project plan development, and monitored INL’s performance.