Technical & Administrative Services

JFA has broad experience providing Technical & Administrative Services to our customers in the DOE, the US Forest Service, the National Park Service, and others. We provide these services on a task-based or staff augmentation basis depending on the customer need. JFA has several prime contracts with federal government customers, as well as subcontracts with other prime contractors. Our IDIQs, BPAs, and single order contracts are described in more detail below.

At the Hanford Washington site, JFA has provided technical support services to DOE Office of River Protection (ORP).

Technical Support Services for DOE ORP

The scope of JFA’s 3-year IDIQ includes providing technical and subject matter experts for a wide variety of DOE oversight support at the Hanford Washington site. We provide support to DOE’s project controls department, oversight for startup and commissioning of waste treatment facilities, engineering and scientific support for glass science in nuclear waste processing, construction inspection, operations support, nuclear safety support, and more. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and professionalism in all areas of our contract.

At the Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP), JFA has provided staff augmentation services to Fluor-Idaho.

Staff Augmentation Services for the Idaho Cleanup Project

JFA has been providing staff augmentation services to support Fluor-ID at the ICP for several years. We recruit the best candidates nationwide to support the mission and objectives of the cleanup at this site. JFA has recruited up to six hundred candidates at a time to respond to the needs of this cleanup mission. We have successfully provided construction managers, safety engineers, environmental engineers, project controls experts, outage managers, work planners, and others on a competitive basis. JFA provides a highly competitive benefits package to our employees and has best in class contacts throughout the industry.

JFA provides Geographic Information System (GIS) Services to the US National Park Service (NPS)

GIS Services for the US NPS

The NPS Wildland Fire Program has developed geospatial capabilities to assist in planning, budgeting, and emergency response decisions. JFA’s 5-year IDIQ with the NPS involves the update and maintenance of the NPS Fire geodatabase, development of services to access the database, mobile systems to permit access and update of the database, analysis of geospatial datasets, data collection, and support to parks and programs with geospatial technology. JFA’s staff perform data entry and update of information (fire history, fuels treatment, facility wildfire hazard rating information, etc.) in the NPS Fire Geodatabase. We create and update feature class and feature level metadata; manage field data collection projects including: coordinating field and office crews, software training, data collection technology support and troubleshooting, Quality Assurance/Quality Control of collected data, and the design and implementation of field collection methods; asses the wildland fire risk to NPS facilities; provide GIS support the creation of Spatial Fire Management Plans including: creating map layouts, organizing spatial, tabular, and text based information, and working with park personnel to create final products; design and implement web GIS projects including: creation of GIS data services, creation of web GIS sites, and creation of training and information websites.

JFA provides professional instruction and curriculum development services to the US Forest Service at the National Advanced Fire & Resource Institute (NAFRI).

Professional Instruction and Curriculum Development Services for NAFRI

NAFRI is a multi-agency, wildland fire training center for fire leadership and aviation. The institute is managed by the U.S. Forest Service and is part of the National Fire Training Centers. JFA’s 5-year Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with NAFRI is to provide the instruction and curriculum development for training areas that include: advanced incident management, stress first aid, advanced fire effects, fire in ecosystem management, learning from unintended outcomes (facilitated learning analysis and coordinated response protocol), fire program management, and other courses that are critical to the nation’s programs and their responders. JFA’s subject matter experts provide nationwide training support through this BPA.

JFA provides administrative support services to Jacobs Corporation at the Spent Fuels Handling Project (SFHP) at the Naval Reactors Facility (NRF).

Administrative Support Services for Jacobs Corp

Jacobs is doing a new design-build project at NRF – the new Spent Fuels Handling facility is a multi billion dollar project. JFA provides office administration services and project administration services to support this federal government capital project. JFA’s staff organize and expedite day to day workflow from the office to contractors and worksites; schedule drug screens, safety orientations, and badge appointments for access to the Naval Reactors Facility; correct and rewrite outdated policies and procedures; manage calendars, files, and schedule appointments and tasks; prepare and submit expense reports, invoices, and shipping receipts; keep detailed records of individual staff responsibilities, locations, and completion of work; resolve problems; and schedule, track and follow up on critical assignments and deadlines.

Records management services

JFA’s staff knowledge includes DOE and NRC regulated sites for the American Centrifuge Project (ACP) and the D&D of Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PORTS) in Piketon, Ohio. The ACP required the management of classified materials and documents, classified repositories and an XFRACAS classified database for machine records. JFA’s staff performance at the ACP and PORTS involved Site Lease Administration for the Site wide Interface Program which involved turning facilities over to DOE. Other activities have encompassed audits, assessments, Contractor Deficiency Notices (CDNs), Nonconformance Contractor Reports (NCRs), quality and non-quality records, engineering drawings, employee training records, training modules, supplier evaluations, procedures and Non-Destructive Assay (NDA) reports that were maintained in various systems including the Electronic Data Management System (EDMS), Documentum, Coreworx, CATSWeb and Oracle. Records management of these records complied with DOE Orders, NRC Regulations and company policy procedures.

JFA’s staff has also provided records management services for the US Forest Service’s nationwide aviation fleet and GIS Services. Other experience includes a Quality Management System at Pioneer Electronics Service in Columbus, Ohio for ISO-9001:2000 and ISO-14001 Certifications per the Records Management System of all business units and staff. This has included software management of the MEGA Procedure Design System.